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Sugar dating is a modern, mutually beneficial relationship between an older wealthy man or woman and someone younger. Now, traditionally, finding like-minded people to engage in these kinds of relationships was almost impossible. However, thanks to the rise of sugar daddy websites , that's all changed - but you do need to choose your sites wisely.

When you do a quick Google search for sugar daddy sites , you'll find dozens listed, although they won't all be of the same high standard. So, to help you in your search and ensure you get value for money, we've taken the time to review some of the main sites available for sugar daddies  or those seeking them. On this occasion, we look at

What You'll Find at

After logging on to the site, you're met with the registration page, which asks you to verify your age via email or Facebook. This mercifully short process involves entering your details, including what you're looking for and a few other preferences. It's what you can expect on most sugar daddy websites  as they need to determine what you're looking for.

If, when you registered, you stated that you are a sugar daddy, you'll be presented with dozens of young people looking to meet someone like you. Conversely, if you put that you were looking for a sugar daddy, you'll be looking at the many sugar daddies on the site. It's one of the more classy sugar daddy sites  you'll find, and it's super-easy to navigate.

Some Great Features for Members

There are some great features available to those who use the site, such as being able to see profiles you've previously viewed, direct chats and Kisses to let others know you're interested. There's also a favourites feature (that keeps track of who you like) and a Dating Game that injects a little fun into proceedings.

However, if you want to start talking with people you like, you'll need to get your wallet out, and there are a couple of ways you can pay. You can use Credits that can be bought as you need them or a monthly subscription which works out at around £29.99 (on their best-value plan). There are similar systems used on most sugar daddy websites .

Become a VIP, and you'll get to do more with your credits, and you even get 50 of them free every month. You can also hide your online status, get credits back when messages go unanswered, and it actually singles you out as someone who's serious about finding the right person. There are certainly benefits to VIP membership.

Anything Negative to Report About the Site?

After spending a good amount of time using the site, the only minor issue our review team found was that there were quite a few more male members than female, although that's fairly typical for the vast majority of sugar daddy sites  you'll find advertised online.

Also, we found one or two profiles that were clearly fake or otherwise abandoned. Again, it's totally normal and quite common on sugar daddy websites . Plus, you do get your credits back if you use them on a fake profile that doesn't answer, so it's not a major problem.

A Great Site For Sugar Daddies & Those Seeking Them

All in all, we found this to be a high-quality online sugar daddy dating site that makes it easy to navigate around. It's also well-populated with many gorgeous young ladies who're looking to enjoy the mutually beneficial relationship that sugar daddies  offer.

There are dozens of sites claiming to offer top service like this, but we can tell from first-hand experience that this one delivers. As such, we have no hesitation in recommending their services, as we think you'll have a great time there. In fact, we very much hope you do! Reviews

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